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Over the years, we have honed our skills and evolved into an increasingly more focused and professional team of caregivers, prepared to cheerfully take on the challenges that we face daily as we make available, the iboga plant root extracts for both medical research facilities and individuals who chose to undergo self-medication. What motivates us the most is the impact Iboga brings to the world.
For such reasons we always have our door open for free consultations and dosage inquiries. We are glad to have been able to build relationships with some locals in the regions where the iboga plant is grown. And we have been able to establish a sustainable development plan for the Iboga tree. Our objective is to grow more iboga trees and to support the free use of psychedelic plants. We believe in the power of the miracle plant and support its growth and distribution the best way we can.
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The Only Way Out Is In You. Believe It

Making Iboga available around the world, Impacting peoples Lives, and above all ensure the sustainable growth of the Iboga tree

Why Chose Us

We have proven track records of each delivery we’ve made, (3 to 7 days max) over the past five years of our establishment. Moreover, we have a sustainable development plan for iboga root bark and ibogaine extract


Spirit of collaboration

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– Iboga Root Bark Powder
– Ibogaine HCL
– Iboga TA
– Ibogaine Capsules
– Rootbark shaving
– Voacanga African

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We are always online, for all your inquiries don’t hesitate to call, text, or send us an email. We are here for you